Employee Screening

Our screening process ensures that you hire the right candidate.. always.

TRAG Investigations


For any organization to grow, it is imperative to hire the right candidate. Given the fact that misconduct and fraud are possible threats when it comes to hiring, companies have become extremely cautious. Thus employee screening plays a crucial role in verifying the background of the candidates and enable organizations take the correct decision.

Our Employee Screening platform enables you to select the right candidates, involving much less cost and time. With TRAG Investigations you are assured of:

  • Real time access to due-diligence reports
  • Quality verification with accurate analysis
  • Strong network with international presence

Why TRAG Investigations ?

  • 24X7 service to submit cases and track progress
  • Remarkable ‘turn-around-time’
  • Dedicated Account Manager to solve issues
  • Soon to-be-launched Analytical tool for effective hiring
  • Pan India coverage

Services under employee screening

  • Address Verification
  • Global Database Check
  • Court Record Check
  • Employment History Check
  • Criminal Record Verification
  • Drug Use Test
  • Identity Verification
  • Education Verification

TRAG Investigations takes care of physically verifying current/permanent addresses mentioned by candidates. We ensure a valid address proof is submitted by the candidate, in order to avoid any fraudulent activity.

TRAG Investigations provides verification across Indian and global databases, so as to track down any fraudulent activity, performed anywhere across the world. We also run a scan across the world for any negative/unfavorable media coverage, ensuring nothing but the best to our clients.

To rule out the possibility of hiring a candidate with a criminal background, TRAG Investigations runs a check through all judgments and lawsuits in courts and tribunals across the country.

Assure your business of nothing but the best resources and talents. At TRAG Investigations we do an extensive employment history check for candidates, by verifying details like claimed employment period, position, reporting manager, compensation, and eligibility to rehire.

TRAG Investigations’ Criminal Record Verification cross checks profiles of candidates with police records, to rule out any possible criminal records. This includes identifying the police station that has jurisdiction over present or permanent residential address of the candidate and confirming through the police records on the status

At TRAG Investigations we run a comprehensive drug test for candidates, which are then reviewed by certified medical practitioners. Samples are collected and tested for possible drug use and the reports are delivered to the employers. All results are kept strictly confidential.

TRAG Investigations offers thorough verification of all identity proofs submitted by candidates, to eliminate the possibility of fake documents. Authenticity of Pan Card, Voter ID card, Passport and other documents are verified with issuing authorities.

Our Edutcation Verification service eliminates the risk of wrong hiring, by thoroughly checking the status of the individual’s certificate and standing with the issuing authority. All education certificates are verified for their authenticity and are cross checked with our comprehensive database of fake and unaccredited universities.