Security Services

Protect what you love and care for.

TRAG Investigations


With concerns about crime and terrorism on the rise, the demand for private security services is rising steadily to protect against robberies, violence and other forms of crime. As both businesses and consumers are increasingly more aware of their need for security.

TRAG’s sister concern helps in providing unique and special security solutions to individuals /societies /companies with the best of the services at competitive prices.

Advantages of  security services

  • Presence
  • Low cost & High Quality
  • The presence of security guards on premises provides a great sense of security as you are protected by trained individuals at all time.
  • Miscreants will try to avoid your company knowing that there is security present.
  • Hiring an agency is comparatively cheaper compared to hiring individuals directly.
  • You are assured of the high quality of training and expertise as the company expertise lies in this field only.
  • The fact that every individual background is checked and there is an agency backing the credibility of the security personnel is the important advantage to a hiring company.