Self Verification

Self verify your profile to get an advantage in your career.

TRAG Investigations


A company has to spend a lot of time and resources in validating the credentials of the prospective candidates before hiring them. In most of the cases the validation is done after the recruitment and if there are any discrepancies then a company has wasted its valuable time. This is also an obstacle for an individual looking for a job. Now, what if a job seeker self-validates the credentials through a respected agency. This will save a lot of effort for both the employer and employee and will make the recruitment process quick. TRAG Investigations goal is to create a centralised database of self-screened candidates thus making it a single checkpoint for all future verification checks.

Services under employee screening

  • Steps
  • Benefits
  • Register and upload your details on the site along with your photograph and scanned copies of your documents.
  • Select the type of verification suitable for your need and proceed to the payment page.
  • After you have successfully completed the payment process, our investigators will verify the information with the respective organization and issue a membership number for your profile.
  • You can share this number on your resume, a prospective employer can verify the details of this number on our portal as and when required.
  • An employer is assured of your credibility through our system.
  • A company ends up saving valuable time and resources that they would have spent verifying the information after recruitment.
  • This gives an edge to the applicant among the other shortlisted candidates and greatly increases the chance of being recruited if found suitable for that position.